"Mean Vegan works magic with jackfruit, a tropical fruit that tastes astonishingly like meat when combined with savory sauces, as in their famed Jack Tamales and Kansas City Jack BBQ. Their new smoked-Portobello Funguy Jerky is a taste sensation, too. Go wild and try some today." - Door to Door Organics, Kansas City.

"These delicious tamales are made with jackfruit, a large Asian fruit that when slow-cooked creates a texture similar to pulled pork or chicken. Combined with moist corn masa and flavorful seasonings, Jack Tamales are a unique delight for the taste buds. These bad boys come in original and saucy varieties, the saucy containing a rich, creamy vegan queso." - The Community Mercantile, Lawrence, KS.

Kansas City Jack Bar-B-Q "KC-based Mean Vegan have successfully replicated the texture and flavor of pulled pork. Paired with a tangy homemade barbecue sauce, this delicious treat will delight vegans and non-vegans alike!" - The Community Mercantile, Lawrence, KS.

Mean Vegan