Mean Vegan!

Mission Statement: ~Unbelievably Vegan Food~

We take pride in creating food that exceeds expectations and are proud to say that many of our customers buy it in spite of, not because, it's plant-based.

Its common knowledge that eating primarily plant-based is better for health and the environment, but it all comes down to taste. We feel that eating 'right' and eating for pleasure can be the same thing! It is so much more fun to enjoy food that also happens to be good for you and we're happy to have found the ingredients to make this possible.

Young jackfruit has the appearance and texture of a pulled pork or chicken, but unlike other similar products, is free of gluten and soy. Being a fruit, it comes in a whole form, not as individual ingredients that are combined and extruded. It is also plentiful and not demanding of specialized, expensive, environmentally detrimental agricultural practices.

We combine the jackfruit with real food ingredients, not artificial flavorings or preservatives, to create new versions of old favorites.

Mean Vegan